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Learn to Repel Negativity

This is a picture of an underground pool in the Aktun Chen caves of Mexico. I went on this tour because I enjoy both sides of nature. In some cases, it is calming and still. In other cases, it’s frightening and violent. Opposing forces. This tour had been a lot of fun, but this pool of water was a revelation. What makes this water special is that it is so pure that if you put your finger in it, the sand deposits in the water will repel away from your finger. It’s amazing to watch. It reminded be to be like that water. To repel against negative thoughts, words, deeds and actions of not just others, but those that I inflict on myself. Too often we allow negative to drain our energy, put us in a negative mindset, and cause us to lose focus on the goals that we have set for ourselves. No matter how painful, learn to silence negativity within yourself, as well as remove those from your life that bring it to you.

Be amazing,

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