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The Courage to Chase Your Dreams

courage There are few things scarier in life than making the decision to change your life. There is always so much uncertainty. Will you be successful? Will your family and friends support you? Where do you begin? What are you looking to achieve? A million questions will arise to make you second guess yourself. To cause you to ┬ádoubt your abilities and make the risks seem even greater than they really are. Courage isn’t about not being afraid of this change. It’s about accepting the risks, managing the fears and making the decision to proceed anyway. Risk is real, fear is a choice. Once you learn to embrace the possible negative AND positive outcomes, weigh them against one another, you will see that the reward of the positive outweighs the risk of the negative. I made a decision recently that shook up my entire life. By weighing the risks and rewards, I found the courage to move forward towards my dreams, and live a healthier, happier life. And that’s what life is all about.

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