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The Value of Patience

patienceSometimes when we are in the midst of working towards our goals, we become frustrated with the speed of our progress. We always feel that we should be further along than we are. We always think that success should be coming to us sooner. This is a result of living in a microwave society. But the reality is that success is not instantaneous. You will spend a season of your life planting the seeds to your success, but it will seem as if nothing is happening. But then, when you have nearly given up, your seeds will begin to sprout, and the success that you have been seeking will start to manifest. I’m more than guilty of feeling as if I am toiling away, working hard with little results to show for it. I’ve wanted to give up more times than I can count. But by knowing that if I just push myself to continue that something wonderful would begin to show itself, I can keep myself motivated to push on when all else fails. It’s very difficult to display patience with the process when you are waiting for results. But not only does being patient build character, it allows you to learn to respect the process more than the outcome. You’ll appreciate where you’ve gotten more when you understand what it is you had to do to get there.

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