Lexi's Lift

Today The Signs For Success Were Everywhere

Sometimes life is moving so fast that we miss the signs leading us to our destiny. Today I had to stop dead in my tracks to pay attention to them. Less than 24 hours ago, I was in the ER at the hospital, dozing off, having been there for hours. My mother hsa Stage IV breast cancer and hadn’t been feeling well. So after a long day in the office, I took her far out into the suburbs so that she could be seen at her hospital of choice. I made the drive home with barely enough energy to park the car and drag my bags upstairs. I climbed in bed, hoping to catch a little sleep before getting up for my workday.

I woke up this morning and decided to watch a YouTube video by one of my mentors Matt Morris that I had saved a few days ago. It is entitled “How to Find Your Purpose“. It talks about how you can figure out what your purpose is in life, and speaks to the fact that your purpose will change and grow as you do. That there are stages of purpose, from materialistic gains to betterment of the world, and that people all go through the stages at some point. It started my day off right.

I headed into the office for a day that seemed like it would never end. I was mentally refreshed but physically exhausted. I left the office early, had lunch with my cousin then headed home to complete some reports and get some rest. When I woke up, before I even turned on a TV set, I decided to tune into a Periscope video of Asha Tyson, who I had never watched before yesterday. Her topic was “Getting Rich Quick”. It was designed to dispel the myth that you can’t go from nothing to rich in a condensed timeframe.

Asha talked about how hard you have to work and the things you need to give up to make it happen. But she also spoke on purpose. That word just seemed to keep popping up today. I took it as a cue to sit down and reassess my own. One thing that I’ve heard successful people say repeatedly is to make a commitment to your commitment. Instead, Asha Tyson says, “Be Your Word to Yourself. If you promise yourself you would get something done, get it done! In so doing, you can’t quit!” It reminded my that although my life is chaotic, with my mother’s illness, my own illness and my surgery approaching, I need to find the strength and energy to start pushing towards my dreams again. I allowed life to get in the way, but I feel refreshed and know that it is time to refocus. I am sitting here now, thinking of my purpose, and think that I have finally been able to distill it into something worth going after. I hope this post inspires someone else to do the same.

Love you all,