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What A Dream Life Looks Like

When I decided to launch this site, I wanted it to do more than chronicle the life that I am working towards. I also wanted to use it as a way to encourage others that are looking to change their lives in positive ways and achieve whatever goals they have set for themselves. If you’ve read the “About Lexi” page, you already know some of the events that caused me to make a decision to take control of my life and go after the life of my dreams. Before I could make the effort to do so, I had to understand what the life of my dreams looked like. In what ways was it different than the life that I was living. Here, I’ll give you all a brief example of what I meant by that.

The life that I had: corporate jobs that to many seemed “good”, comfortable salary, foreign car, just bought a duplex condo, my son was in a great school, winning awards for intelligence. Life seemed good. But I worked a ton of hours, missed a lot of my son’s performances and activities, was in and out of town for meetings with clients, and was battling a chronic autoimmune condition which made me exhausted beyond belief (severe Rheumatoid Arthritis). I had been really active within my community volunteering not just money, but time to various causes. My son was growing up right in front of my eyes, and I knew less and less about him.

The life I wanted: the ability to balance generating income with being a parent. Actually being able to spend more time with my son, focusing on my health, and creating memories with him while he was still young. I wanted to be able to choose what I wanted to do when I opened my eyes, instead of being forced to do things that I no longer enjoyed. I also wanted to get back into helping people. It brought me a lot of joy and I missed feeling like I made a difference in the lives of others. I wanted to travel the world and have amazing new and exciting experiences, without worrying about having the money to do so.

How to get there: I had to make a decision. I had to choose to step out of my comfort zone and map out a plan to move myself from the life that I had to the life that I wanted. I had to promise myself that even if it was more challenging that I anticipated, that I would keep revising my plan until I achieved what I wanted.

I’m not here to tell you that it has been the easiest thing that I’ve ever done. I started my web design business thinking that because I had the skill that it would be a piece of cake. But I learned quickly that my “noble” cause of trying to provide much needed services to the small to medium sized business market was a lot more headache and stress than it was worth at times. After 8 years, I decided that it was time to end it, and focus on the business that I had started in 2012. It has been a whirlwind, but it has definitely paid off.

So what does your dream life look like? It doesn’t have to look like mine at all. You may love your job and have some other goal that you’d like to achieve; home ownership, weight loss, marriage, parenthood, learning a new skill, getting a degree or certification. Before you can go from the life you have now to the one you want, you have to know exactly what it looks like. From how long it will take to achieve your goal along with who will be in your life once you’ve achieved it. I’ll get more into vision in another post, but this moment is the beginning. So think about it. What does your dream life look like and what are you willing to do/give up to achieve it?

Live your dreams,


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